Staff Awareness, HIPAA, & Phishing Training

Security Awareness & Phishing Training

JurisLock’s Security Awareness Training and Phishing Testing service utilizes best-in-class KnowBe4 to combine continuous training and simulated testing of users, while satisfying regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, PCI, and SOX mandates.

In addition to KnowBe4, the JurisLock security awareness training program is built specifically to satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements for awareness training. Our services are constantly updated to ensure your users are being exposed to the latest phishing techniques, and training content is customized for different at-risk groups such as privileged users, attorneys, executives, and IT-resources.

We integrate current threat intelligence and real-time attack profiles into training and testing based on the most current social engineering tactics being used by attackers. Our “real-life” social engineering tests (hacks) are performed throughout the year and simulate the real tactics and techniques hackers are leveraging, exposing users to real life scenarios in a simulated environment
before falling victim to real threats.

JurisLock experts will help you build a custom security awareness training program that considers desired testing frequency, internal department factors, risk profiles and any custom tests specific to your law firm.

JurisLock manages the entire security awareness program to

Work with the customer to develop a custom security awareness training schedule

Build an Interactive training program from over 100 different online courses

Work with customers to post policies that need annual sign offs

Provide a training portal for users to log in and track training progress

Administer Monthly/Quarterly security topic of the month campaigns

Work with customers to send reminders to users who are delinquent on training

Provide content like posters and signs that can be displayed in breakrooms

Run special events around Security Awareness month in October

JurisLock manages the entire social engineering program to include:

Work with the customer to develop and initial test schedule

Perform initial onboarding and user setup

Provide a baseline of user security awareness testing to help measure the current state of security awareness

Perform initial validation testing of your email security controls

Incorporate industry threat intel, tactics, and trends into a custom quarterly phishing campaign

Administer quarterly phishing simulation tests

Provide reinforcement training to any failed users that failed testing

Provide reports and dashboards specific to testing outcomes

Hold quarterly review sessions with the customer to assess testing metrics

Perform quarterly performance reviews and provide suggested program improvements

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